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I have been in the building industry my entire life. Since 1990 I started working in the mountains of Colorado building palatial custom homes, renovations and large commercial buildings.

I was introduced to building handcrafted  log homes in 2000 where I learned the trade and the extremely detailed craftsmanship. I have a passion for the beautiful log features, grains and aroma produced by the logs.


Western Red Cedar

Our preferred and most popular timber with clients is the stunning Western Redcedar.  The latin name Thuja plicata, is commonly called Western or Pacific redcedar, giant or western arborvitae, giant cedar, or shinglewood, is a species of Thuja, an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family Cupressaceae native to western North America.

Timber Frame Beams - Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

Timber Frame Homes

Timberframing has been around for centuries providing strength and longevity to it’s structure.  Timber Frame Homes offer a unique style, strength and sustainable designs, and just like a Cascade Handcrafted – western red cedar log home, they offer energy efficiency and awe inspiring character. These beautifully handcrafted homes truly are the building results of a master craftsman.

cascade handcrafted log homes

Handcrafted vs Milled Log Homes

A handcrafted log home is the only “true” log home. In a handcrafted building, the log is still a natural log, the only alteration being that it has undergone removal of the outer bark and part or all of the “cambium” or inner bark layer. Because of this, each log still possess all of the uniqueness and character that nature intended it to have.

Colorado log homes

Log Homes In Colorado

From the heights of the Rocky Mountain National Park to deep canyons carved by the Colorado River, it’s impossible to name all the stunning places in Colorado.

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes has built hundreds of homes across this beautiful State. Near the emerald-green national forests, with fields of vibrant summer wildflowers and the shores of crystalline lakes.  To the autumn-colored hillsides blanketed with aspens and rivers lined with cottonwoods with shimmering hues of gold and red and then of course there’s winter.