what is latewood

What is Latewood?

What is Latewood? Latewood refers to the winter growth of the tree where by using high pressure water we remove the bark and inner cambium layer exposing and preserving the inherent surface which is full of character and unique contour that most would never have believed existed. The result of harvesting a Western Red cedar…

Cascade Handcrafted Piece en Piece

Piece en Piece Update

A project we’ve been working on for a fabulous client in Washington State. It’s unique in that the traditional cross corners have been replaced by large western red cedar flared posts. The house is designed to be non-settling to minimize any shrinkage. The walls were prebuilt and then dropped into place between large diameter posts that are channeled or keyed.

Ontario Latewood Project - Post and Beam

Latewood Post & Beam

We’ve been working on a beautiful Latewood Post and Beam construction project for a couple’s lake front property in Northern Ontario! The logs for this home have been individually chosen and hand fallen through a process called “Selective Harvesting” to ensure future forest growth, sustaining the environment for wildlife.