what is latewood

What is Latewood?

What is Latewood? Latewood refers to the winter growth of the tree where by using high pressure water we remove the bark and inner cambium layer exposing and preserving the inherent surface which is full of character and unique contour that most would never have believed existed. The result of harvesting a Western Red cedar…

New Mexico Log Home Project

The northwestern quadrant of New Mexico is dominated by the Colorado Plateau, characterized by unique volcanic formations, dry grasslands and shrub-lands, open pinyon-juniper woodland, and mountain forests. The Chihuahuan Desert, which is the largest in North America, extends through the south. This beautiful landscape is going to be the destination for the log home we’re currently building up at the log yard.

Let’s talk about the mighty Douglas-fir

This locally grown timber is one of the strongest available woods. Good for structural elements such as floor and roof beams.

Douglas-fir is a species primarily found in British Columbia and along the west coast and actually crosses into Alberta in only a few places, such as passes like the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Crowsnest Pass. The tree has a thick burly bark, making it fairly fire tolerant.

log sorting

Cascade Log Sorting

When it comes to choosing logs to build a beautiful log home or timber frame home, we only use premium-quality logs. Finding the right logs for certain designs can be a bit tricky as you have to take into consideration the size of the log home or cabin, the features, and the design and incorporate specific-sized logs to complete the project.

CascadCascade Selective Harvestinge-selective-harvest

Selective Harvesting

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes worked with this private property owner to selectively harvest and clean up some windfall after our bout of BC’s fall and early spring windstorms. Selective harvesting the western red cedar trees allows the light to shine through and give the undergrowth and new trees a chance to thrive